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A contest winners announced

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, June 14
Georgian A contest winners have been announced; 7 different categories were awarded at a ceremony which was held on June 10.

The project was the idea of Designer Zviad Tsikolia, and was supported by the TBC Bank.

The competition was open to any and all, and participant could take part in every category. However, they could present only one print in every category.

Participants had to create their own print of the Georgian alphabet, which would contain all 33 letters.

According to Tsikolia, 160 different Georgian prints were registered from March 21 to April 30.

Every category had two winners. TBC bank granted 2, 000 GEL to the winner and 1, 000 to the second, while book house Saba granted 50 and 25 electronic books.

Categories were Modern A, Shorthand A, Adapted A, Academic A, Artistic A, Technical A, Futuristic A.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mamuka Khazaradze, said that development of Georgian print is very important.

“Existing prints are not complete, and it is hard to work using them. That is why we decided to upgrade the digital versions of Georgian print. This is the first year of the contest. However, we plan to continue this tradition and make the contest an annual event,” stated Khazaradze.

“The Georgian alphabet is one of the most beautiful and rare in the world. No one will take care of it for us. That is why I decided to hold this kind of contest. I am very happy that TBC Bank decided to help me,” stated Tsikolia.

“The idea of the contest is great and it must continue. I am very happy and grateful for appraising my work. I have spent years creating the prints which I contributed here. I am happy that people will have opportunity to see and use them in practice,” stated one of the winners Zurab Miminoshvili.