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Thursday, June 16, 2016, #117 (3651)

PM at Business Forum in Berlin: Georgia has strategic role in Caucasus region

“Safety and well-being is nothing without freedom; we are taking consistent measures to protect the judicial system from political, financial and other types of influence,” ... (more)

Top energy conglomerates from China to invest in Georgia

One of China's top energy conglomerates, CEFC China Energy, is expressing interest in investing in Georgia, and not only in the energy sector. (more)

Georgia’s population has no material access to food


People poisoned in western Georgia


The News in Brief

"Georgian Govt Extends Contract with Pillsbury Winthrop for U.S. Lobbying" (more)

Opinion & Analysis

Crime not reason for postponing visa liberalisation

“There really is a problem of crime, to our shame, but this is not a reason for the delay in Georgia’s visa liberalisation in the European Union (EU),” Lado Chanturia, the Ambassador of Georgia to Germany, stated. (more)

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