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Kutaisi to Be a City of Textiles in 2017

Thursday, July 28
“By 2017, Kutaisi will become a city of the developed textile industry,” the Secretary General of International Investors Association of Georgia, Osman Chalishkan, says.

According to him, two new plants will be built in the city in the near future, by 2017, 10,000 people will work at the textile enterprises.

“Today, the main problem is the lack of qualified personnel, and we are negotiating with the Ministry of Economics regarding the opening of special centres to train future employees of the textile companies,” Osman Chalishkan notes.

In his words, materials will be imported in Georgia and sewed clothes with the label “Made in Georgia” will be exported abroad.

“In the European football championship 2016, eight teams wore clothes made in Georgia, and it is a subject of great pride for the country. In this sense, the potential is very large because of the cheap workforce and the active support from the government,” the investor stresses. (