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Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Thearte bosses fired

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, July 28
Georgia’s Minister of Culture Mikheil Giorgadze has stated that two leading figures of the Tbilisi Zakaria Paliashvili Opera and Ballet Theatre have been fired following protests of the opera staff.

The Minister said he has already signed a decree over dismissing Theatre Director Aleksandre Motsonelidze and Art Director Davit Kintsurashvili.

Giorgadze also said Motsonelidze had himself resigned before announcing his decree while Kintsurashvili has not yet done the same.

“I have issued a decree over the dismissal of the both figures. I also ordered an audit to check the theatre,” Giorgadze said.

“The Minister added that until the audit studied the situation in the Theatre, Motsonelidze, as a responsible figure, would stay as acting Director.

“As soon as the audit is over Motsonelidze will quit the position and the Ministry would select another individual for the position,” Giorgadze stated.

It has been more than a month the Opera staff started protesting against the activities of the leadership.

As the opera singers stressed they were unanimous in their position that especially Kintsurashvili lacked knowledge and experience to be a good leader for them.

They also accused him of allowing a few performances that affected the staff’s activities.

They claimed Kintsurashvili failed to carry out the programme he promised to be in place after he became Art Director of the Theatre.

The singers demanded from the Ministry to dismiss those failing to promote the theatre.

Peaceful protests are part of the civilized world and through such actions people fight to defend their rights.

If the whole staff of a theatre claims that something is wrong, the relevant bodies should show appropriate interest in the case, especially when the country’s world-famous opera faces are involved in the protest.

It would have been better for the Ministry to take necessary measures when the Opera staff started the protest more than a month ago, as an awkward situation in the institution negatively influences the audience's interests.