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Thursday, July 28
Kumsishvili Submitted Projects worth seven billion to Chinese corporations

The Vice-Premier discussed the Georgian economic environment, the country's favourable investment climate and ongoing reforms at the business forum held in Shanghai, which was attended by the leadership of a number of big corporations.

“We will present investment projects worth seven billion at our business forum and I am sure that it will have a positive response,” Dimitri Kumsisihvili declared to representatives of the media before the beginning of the forum.

The first Vice-Premier has introduced macroeconomic indexes to the participants of the forum. According to him, the Georgian economy has the best result of economic growth despite a recent slowdown. He also said that Georgia has a direct foreign growth pace.

He then talked about trade development, investment growth and Chinese companies in Georgia, as well as the new Silk Road Project and its development. He noted the negotiations of free trade expansion, which should be finished before the end of 2016.

Dimitri Kumsishvili has also discussed another meeting between Georgia and China, and the formation of a a joint trade and investment council. According to the agreement, the secretaries of the council will be established and representatives of the private and state sector should be invited.

After the presentation, meetings were held at the business forum after the presentations and representatives of business circles of Georgia and China discussed issues of future cooperation. (

Thousands benefit from new 24-hour water supply

For the first time, roughly 5,500 residents of the Tsnori village in Kakheti will have access to a clean 24-hour water supply thanks to a new project and financial contribution of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Union (EU).

Georgia received an 11 million GEL (about $5 million/ˆ5 million*) loan to rehabilitate Tsnori’s central water system.

In particular the rehabilitation works included building a new reservoir, pumphouse and chlorination stations.

The work is expected to be concluded by February 2017.

The United Water Supply Company of Georgia announced that more than 160 locals will be employed in the rehabilitation process.

Today there is no drinking water in Tsnori, and residents can only access drinking water from the district's wells. (

So-called Prime Minister of Abkhazia resigns

The so-called PM of Abkhazia, Artur Mikvabia, has resigned. As reported by the ApsnyPress news agency, Mikvabia said that he has already written an application requesting formal recognition of his resignation.

“We have started a great deal of work in complicated conditions caused by a shattered society and social tension. All measures taken by the government would be more noticeable if there were different circumstances, especially our increases in salaries and pension. I do not think any other government could solve the tasks that were faced with in so many many social and economic fields. Our efforts should be perceived positively,” Mikvabia said.

He became Abkhazia's PM in March 2015. No information on any potential successors has been reported yet. (IPN)

“Archil Gegeshidze retains the post of Ambassador to the United States” - Georgia’s FM

Georgia’s Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze told reporters that Georgia’s Ambassador to the U.S., Archil Gegeshidze, remains in the post. As reported by Janelidze, all issues concerning Gegeshidze have been resolved.

“Archil Gegeshidze remains in the post. He has made explanations as to his recent concerning conduct. Naturally an ambassador should be more careful with his words but all the issues have been resolved,” the FM claimed.

Several weeks ago, Archil Gegeshidze told media that there are pro-Russian people in the Georgian government, though they do not affect the process of decision-making. (

A meeting with the Secretary (West) of the Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of India has been held

Secretary (West) of the Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of India Sujata Mehta, as a guest of honour, addressed the participants of the Ambassadorial 2016.

Sujata Mehta focused on the main directions of bilateral relations between Georgia and India, on the global role of India and on the country’s foreign policy priorities.

In the frames of the Ambassadorial, Sujata Mehta held a bilateral meeting with Georgian Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze.

“The session was very active. I informed the ambassadors of India’s vision of the world and on how the policy of India has developed in terms of the international issues. The ambassadors shared their views on various issues”, Sujata Mehta said.

The delegation of the Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of India, led by Sujata Mehta, paid an official visit to Georgia on 25-26 July. In the frames of the visit of the delegation, the second meeting of the Georgian-Indian interagency economic committee and the 5th round of political consultations between the Georgian and Indian Foreign Ministries were held. Talking points included the issues of bilateral co-operation in the political, economic, cultural, educational and sectoral spheres. The two sides reaffirmed their increasing interest towards the enhancement and strengthening of bilateral co-operation in future as well. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)