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Swimming temporarily banned in Batumi

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, August 16
The administration service of the Batumi beach Boulevard has banned swimming in the sea due to the ongoing bad weather.

After a series of bad storms, red flags are still erected at the seashore which mean that swimming in the sea is banned.

Bad weather damaged the boulevard infrastructure as well. It damaged electricity lines, ruined sidewalks and washed away some chairs.

According to the Batumi Emergency Service, the magnitude of the storm is expected to be decreased soon.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA) stated that rescuers of the Emergency Management Agency already started water pumping works from flooded streets and houses.

“The MIA Firefighter and Rescue Emergency Management Agency received over 60 calls and instantly reacted to them. Our rescuers saved 16 people during the storm, among whom were foreign tourists as well,” reads the statement released by the MIA.

The head of the Hydro Meteorological Forecasts Centre, Svetlana Nioradze, said that weather will get better from today.

According to her, only short term rainfall is expected in the evening hours.