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10 Mln Dollar Investment to Put into Bentonite Clay Processing Plant

Friday, August 19
In the Ozurgeti village of Dvabzu, a Bentonite clay processing plant is being built.

Gia Salukvadze, the Governor of Guria, along with businessman Gocha Chkhaidze became acquainted with the construction process.

Askangel Alliance Ltd plans to reprocess at least 100,000 tonnes of bentonite clay annually. A 10 million dollar investment will be put into the new business.

“A bentonite plant with ultra-modern technology is being built,” said Gia Salukvadze. “I would like to tell you that such a level of industrial enterprises in Guria does not exist.

“This is the first enterprise in the region which will work with local raw materials, and initially about 300 people will be employed in the plant.

“I would like to thank Mr. Gocha Chkhaidze for such a great initiative and I fully support the company,”said Gia Salukvadze. (