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Monitoring of pharmacies

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, August 19
The Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs released the first results of a round of monitoring held in Psychotropic Pharmacies from August 5.

According to the head of the pharmaceutical activity department of the Ministry of healthcare, David Macharashvili, over 30 violations of medicaments were discovered since the monitoring was launched.

“Among them were 13 selling of the drugs without prescriptions, 5 facts of unregistered psychotropic drug stores, 11 facts of selling of the second group of medicines without prescriptions, and 1 fact of operating the pharmacy house without license,” stated Macharashvili.

According to him, after launching the new regulations, 13 pharmacists were held responsible for violations.

“During the same period, 17 authorized pharmacy houses stopped functioning,” stated Macharashvili.

According to him, the Ministry of Health continues to monitor the selling of psychotropic medicaments without prescriptions. The monitoring process is implemented by a specialist agency with the employees of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA).

At the beginning of the year, Georgia’s Minister of Health, Davit Sergeenko, stated that the Ministry planned to introduce strict control on both quality and selling of the medicines from this year.

He underlined that every single pharmacy house which sells medicaments without prescriptions will face the penalties.

Sergeenko added that the ministry would soon draft a document that would include definite regulations for those who break the law.

The Ministry of Health under Sergeenko has already introduced tough rules for pharmacies and presented a long list of medicines which must not be sold without prescriptions.