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Presidentís nominees supported

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, September 7
Parliamentís Legal Committee supported the Presidentís three nominees for the position of Supreme Court Judge.

The nominees were Levan Bodzashvili, Nona Todua and Tamar Laliashvili.

Bodzashvili, who was named later than his fellow candidate this July, managed to gain the support of all seven members of the Committee attending the meeting, while Todua and Laliashvili were supported by five each.

It is now up to Parliament to vote for the candidates.

The President named Bodzashvili instead of Anna Dolidze, Georgiaís ex-Deputy Defence Minister and Margvelashviliís former pick for Supreme Court Judge, who was subsequently appointed as the Presidentís Parliamentary Secretary about a month ago.

Parliament must vote for Bodzashvili together with two other female candidates who failed to gain the lawmakersí support in June this year.

The candidates need at least 76 votes out of the 150-seat legislative body to be appointed as judges of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court of Georgia is composed of 12 judges, who are chaired by the head of the Supreme Court of Georgia.

The Majority said they were not agreed about the candidates in June but hopefully the candidates will be approveds this time.