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Georgia receives over $105m in remittances: Russia, the United States (US) and Italy top the 14 big donor countries from where Georgia receives the largest amount of remittances.

Friday, September 16
Last month, Russia transferred $37 million to Georgia, which was 34.9 percent of all money transfers.

The US came second with $11.7 million in money transfers, and then Italy, which transferred $10.5 million.

Overall, Georgia received $105.8 million from abroad in August 2016. This was 25.3 percent more year-on-year (y/y), said the National Bank of Georgia (NBG).

These top 14 countries collectively transferred $98.5 million into Georgia, which was 93.7 percent of all money transfers from abroad, said the Bank.

After Russia, the US and Italy, other big donor countries to Georgia in August 2016 were:
Greece - $10.4 million
Turkey - $8 million
Israel - $5.5 million
Spain - $3 million
Azerbaijan - $2.5 million
United Kingdom - $2.4 million
Germany - $2.4 million
Ukraine - $1.7 million
France - $1.2 million
Canada - $1.1 million
Kazakhstan - $1.1 million.
Other countries $4.6 million.

Last month $17.3 million was transferred out of Georgia. This was higher than the $12.5 million transferred out in August 2015, said NBG. (