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ICC Georgia initiates debates

By Messenger staff
Friday, September 16
On September 15, ICC Georgia (Chairman Fady Asly) held the debates involving leading political forces participating in the Parliamentary Elections. The topic of the debates was Economic Issues and parties vision of economic developments in case of victory.

The moderator of the debates was ISET President Eric Livny. Following political parties: UNM, Republican Party, Free Democrats and Political Platform “Paata Burchuladze - State for People” participated in the debates. Representatives of the ruling GD coalition refused to participate in the debates.

The debates proved to be interesting. The participants highlighted the challenges and their vision how to deal with them.

Unfortunately, it is a common practice that all the parties give broad promises to improve the economic conditions in the country before the elections, while the country still suffers economic hardship, unemployment and poverty.

Let us hope that this time the victorious party could manage to improve the situation.