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Election Commission mid-term report

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, September 26
Georgia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) has released a mid-term report, wherein the CEC chairwoman informed the public about the pace of the pre-election campaigning about two-week ahead of the October 8 Parliamentary Elections.

CEC head Tamar Zhvania stressed that for the first time, interested persons would be able to watch the vote-counting process at CEC headquarters several hours after the voting would be over via the CEC Facebook page and YouTube (CEC of Georgia).

When the voting process is over, the votes are initially counted at polling stations. From the polling stations information about the votes are sent to election constituencies, where figures are uploaded on a special program and the electronic info is sent to the CEC headquarters.

There is a special room at CEC headquarters where cameras will be installed and people will be able to see the live final vote-counting process.

Zhvania also provided uploaded information about the number of voters, observers, as well as innovations offered for the election process.

A total of 3,510,514 voters have been registered, 1,887,130 (53,75%) males and 1,623,384 (46,24%) females.

Nineteen political parties and six election blocs have gone through official registration to participate in the elections. Twenty-eight parties were refused registration as they did not meet certain mandatory regulations envisaged by Georgia’s Election Code.

A total of 74 local and 32 international organisations have been registered to observe the elections, while thirty-four media outlets have been accredited to broadcast from election locations. Deadline for media accreditation expires on October 6.

In addition 3,634 polling stations will open for 73 majoritarian constituencies in Georgia. The number of polling stations abroad will be 56. Georgia will also open two polling stations in Afghanistan for Georgian peacekeepers at Bagram Airbase and Mazar-i-Sharif.

Zhvania said for the upcoming elections, the CEC introduced, new and modern approaches for electorate.

Voters can now check whether they are in the list on the webpage at

The CEC chairwoman also stressed her body has taken various steps to ensure maximal involvement of people with different disabilities in the election and voting process.

“The CEC webpage is the first in Georgia completely adapted for the country’s blind community. We have increased the number of adapted polling stations to encourage the involvement of people with disabilities and ethnic minorities in the election process,” Zhvania said.

She also mentioned that for the first time, the CEC approved a Gender Equality Political Document, which ensured the equal involvement of female and male in the election process.

Zhvania stressed that the CEC has signed deals with local observing organisations and Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs to ensure a free, fair and transparent electoral environment.