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Solana's reaction on Russia’s foreign goals

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, November 1
“The quality of the West’s reaction to the Russian invasion in Georgia is one of the reasons for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and what is happening in the world now,” the former high Commissioner of the EU Javier Solana said when meeting with the Deputy Secretary of Georgia’s Security Council, Levan Bodzashvili.

The meeting between Solana and Bodzashvili was held in Brussels where the duo have discussed the ongoing processes in Georgia and region.

“In turn, Russia was encouraged by the soft reaction of the U.S. and NATO,” Solana has remarked.

Solana recalled Putin’s statement on the Munich Security forum where he raised two main issues: the issue of NATO expansion and refusal on placement of rockets system in Eastern Europe.

“The U.S. reaction was different on the issues: it refrained on the first and not on the second. Back before the August 2008 war, Georgia was denied MAP, which did nothing but encourage Russia to invade Georgia,” he has said.

What Mr Solana has stated is common knowledge, but it changes nothing for Georgia.

Twenty percent of Georgia's lands are now occupied by Russia and the country continues its creeping occupation by erecting barbed wire fences and shifting the border, as well as abducting Georgian citizens from sovereign Georgian territory.

Russia has also achieved its aggressive goals in Ukraine, and the measures established by the rest of the world have not created adequate obstacles for Moscow.

NATO’s and EU’s closed doors to Georgia are only encouraging Russia to be increasingly aggressive.