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Usupashvili to create new opposition force

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, November 2
Georgia’s Parliament Speaker David Usupashvili, who has just quit his Republican Party, says he will take steps to create a new, pro-Western political force that will have a chance to win the 2020 Parliamentary Elections.

Usupashvili made the statement in the wake of his decision to leave the Republican Party, which he chaired between 2005-2013, after the 2016 October 8 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia, where the party failed to overcome the minimal 5% threshold.

Usupashvili stressed he could not agree with the other founders and leaders of the party about the future of the Republicans.

However, he “respected” his former allies for their position and made his decision independently.

Usupashvili excluded the possibility of appearing in any judicial or executive posts under the new Government.

The Parliament Speaker, who will keep the role allegedly until November 19, as the New Parliament must gather that time, claims he is initially is ready to listen to all individuals who support the country’s European development and are ready to fight.

Usupashvili stressed that Georgia requires a new, pro-Western political force that will win the 2020 Parliamentary Elections.

The Republican Party was composed of professionals, but during all elections in Georgia they lacked public support.

The Republicans gained seats in Parliament in 2012 as the party was a member of a Georgian Dream coalition which defeated the nine-year rule of the United National Movement.

This year the coalition split and the Republicans participated alone in the race.

After the elections Usupashvili stressed the race “expressed the will of the Georgian people” and said the party must examine the reasons behind its failure.

Usupashvili is a professional politicion and if he establishes a new political team with new faces and strategy, the country will benefit.

Georgia requires new political parties with healthy attitudes which know how to do a good job for the country.