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Georgia improves positions in Global Enabling Trade Report 2016

Tuesday, December 6
Georgia has improved its position in the Global Enabling Trade Report 2016.

In the newest report, published by the World Economic Forum and the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, Georgia ranked the 41st. This was a five position raise compared to the 2014 report where the country held the 46th place.

The report featured the Enabling Trade Index (ETI), which assessed the performance of 136 economies on domestic and foreign market access; border administration; transport and digital infrastructure; transport services; and operating environment.

Produced every two years, the report is a benchmark for leaders looking to boost growth and development through trade.

Here are Georgia’s positions in 2014 and 2016.

Foreign market access:
• In 2014 – 63rd place
• In 2016 - 33rd place

Efficiency and transparency of border administration:
• In 2014 – 41st place
• In 2016 – 39th place

Availability and quality of transport services:
• In 2014 – 101st place
• In 2016 – 98th place

Availability and use of information and communication technologies:
• In 2014 – 70th place
• In 2016 – 65th place

Operating environment:
• In 2014 – 50th place
• In 2016 – 33rd place