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British MPs in Tbilisi

By Mariam Chanishvili
Thursday, December 8
A British delegation consisting of Westminster MPs has visited Tbilisi, and met with parliamentarians, the President, and members of civil society.

The British Ambassador to Georgia, Justin McKenzie Smith, and a number of Georgian officials heard the visitors' opinions on the new Parliament of Georgia.

The meeting was held in the Information Center on NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the EU (European Union), which was attended by both Georgian and British MPs, as well as the British Georgian Chamber of Commerce representatives.

Speeches were delivered by Ambassador McKenzie and Sophio Katsarava, the chairwoman of the International Relations Committee of Parliament of Georgia. They welcomed the arrival of the first foreign parliamentary delegation since the October 8 Parliamentary elections. Sophio Katsarava said that some useful and productive meetings were held, in which “good ideas” were discussed. She said that Georgia is enthusiastic for strengthening bilateral parliamentary relations.

Some statements were made about Georgian-British relations noting that “no matter what happens after Brexit, we will continue engagements in terms of trade [and not only trade]”.

MPs, along with the Ambassador, paid respects to Sir Oliver & Marjory Wardrop. Marjory Scott Wardrop was an English scholar and translator of Georgian literature. Sir Oliver was the author of a book entitled “The Kingdom of Georgia”, published in 1888.