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‘Well, Hello Saperavi’: US hosts Georgian wine testing series in December

Tuesday, December 13
Wines from Georgia are blowing up in the US this month thanks to the new campaign ‘Well, Hello Saperavi’, which will promote Georgian wine made with Saperavi grape varieties across Washington D.C.

In December, wine lovers, wine professionals and enthusiasts will be invited to try the unique taste of Saperavi wine during the various wine events that will be held in Washington D.C.

In particular, people will be able to taste dry Saperavi, best-buy Saperavi, qvevri Saperavi, natural-wine Saperavi, oaked Saperavi, young-vine Saperavi, old-vine Saperavi, Saperavi rose, semi-sweet Saperavi and juicy Saperavi.

During the one month campaign, different wine shops, restaurants and cafes in Washington D.C. will host wine testing events which will be organised by the Georgian National Wine Agency.

“The US is a potentially massive export market for Georgian wine. The National Wine Agency has been implementing active marketing activities for Georgian wine popularisation and publicity raise and also has future plans in this direction,” announced the Agency.

During the first 11 months of the current year, Georgia exported about 294,000 bottles of wine to the US – 27 percent more than the similar data of the last year.

The first Georgian wine evening has already been held in Washington D.C., which was attended by Georgia’s Minister of Agriculture, Levan Davitashvili.