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Tbilisi Architecture Service misappropriated funds

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, January 6
Tbilisi City Council independent MP Aleksandre Elisashvili says that the Municipality Architecture Service misappropriated its funds.

He has called on the Mayor’s Office to suspend the construction permit for a block of flats located on 85 Tsintsadze Street.

Elisashvili explains that the construction permit was issued in February 2015 by the Architecture Service of the Mayor’s Office to build a six-floor building. However, in reality, the building has ten floors.

The MP says that this manipulation cost the city’s budget 402,000 GEL.

“The construction coefficients were deliberately incorrectly counted and a ten-floor building was registered as a six-story one, as if the rest 4 floors were an underground parking space. This is criminal action,” stated Elisashvili.

The MP has three main demands from the Mayor’s Office:

1. To abolish the construction permit of the building

2. To abolish Zonal Council of the Architecture Service, which issues construction permits

3. The Mayor should admit that the former Head of the Architecture Service, Dimitri Mosulishvili who signed the construction permit, is a corrupt official and he should be held responsible.

Before Elisashvili’s statements, the City Hall Audit Service has sent the construction permit and other documents related to the construction of building located on 85 Tsintsadze Street to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Elisashvili also disclosed the 51-page report of the City Hall Audit Service, which reads that certain violations have been observed in the case.