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Georgian foreign minister met US Secretary of State

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, February 13
Georgia’s Foreign Minister, Mikheil Janelidze, met with the United States (US) Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, on February 10 in Washington, within the frames of his two-day official visit to US.

“Rex Tillerson backed up the US administration’s support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and its readiness to assist the country in dealing with the challenges it currently faces,” Georgia’s Foreign Ministry reports.

At the meeting, the sides expressed their readiness to continue an active dialogue on all issues of importance to Georgia and to further deepen the existing bilateral co-operation.

Discussions also included the exchange of bilateral visits within the framework of the strategic partnership between Georgia and the US.

Moreover, the sides spoke about the successful democratic and economic reforms Georgia has carried out over the past few years setting an example to follow for the entire region.

Georgia’s Foreign Ministry says that the sides highlighted the great potential Georgia has for developing its economy, attracting investments and becoming a regional hub.

It was also underlined that the US continues to support Georgia in developing its democratic institutions and economy.

Furthermore, the discussions during the meeting focused on the security situation in the region and issues relating to the Georgian-Russian conflict.

The Georgian minister thanked the Secretary of State for the outstanding role the United States had played in building Georgia as an independent state, and invited Tillerson to Georgia.

Janelidze stated that Georgia was not only America’s strong partner, but it also shared with the West such common values as democracy, the rule of law and freedom.

“Georgia remains America’s strong partner and ally, not only in the region but also globally,” Janelidze told the Secretary of State.

During his two-day visit, the Georgian Foreign Minister also met US President's National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

Georgian Foreign Ministry reports that the National Security Advisor said Georgia sets an example of democratic and economic development in the region and has a great potential for becoming a regional economic hub.

“The new US Administration supports Georgia’s reform course and highly values the firmness and international efforts of the country,” General Flynn stated at the meeting.

The National Security Advisor underlined Georgia’s important role in maintaining Euro-Atlantic security, emphasizing that when it comes to dealing with international security challenges, Georgia is a key partner of the US, not only regionally but also globally.

Janelidze also met Senators Bob Corker, Thad Cochran and McConnell.