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EU pushes Armenian-Georgian borderland business opportunities

Thursday, February 16
The European Union (EU) is seeking to promote business opportunities in both Georgia and Armenia by providing practical information on the two countries’ business environments and economic regulations.

The EU-funded ‘Cross-Border Economic Development’ project has published a new edition of the ‘Guideline for starting business in Armenia and Georgia’.

The guidelines aim to strengthen economic capacities and business relations in the border regions of Tavush, Armenia, and Kvemo Kartli, Georgia.

The guidelines will provide assistance for potential business partners from both countries. In particular, they explain how to register a new business, outline taxation rules and explain which licenses and permits may be required,” says EU Neighbours, an internet portal which seeks to clarify and spread knowledge of the European Neighbourhood Policy.

The publication is available on the website of the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation (EaPTC) in Armenian and Georgian, as well as Russian and English.

The Cross-Border Economic Development project is aimed at improving living conditions of borderland communities in the Kvemo Kartli and Tavush regions and strengthen their cross-border potential, primarily in the field of agriculture. (