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Georgia among safest countries of the world

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, February 16

Georgia takes the 7th position in the top 10 safest countries of the world, according to the Safety Index 2017 by global database Numbeo. Last year, Georgia was placed 6th., the world’s largest database of user contributed data, surveyed 125 countries worldwide and its data reads that Georgia’s safety index is 79.17, while its crime index is 20.83.

Georgia’s results in terms of crime level and safety are as follows:

Crime rates in Georgia

Level of crime 18.60 Very Low

Crime increasing in the past 3 years 40.00 Moderate

Worries home broken and things stolen 18.41 Very Low

Worries being mugged or robbed 16.25 Very Low

Worries car stolen 12.41 Very Low

Worries things from car stolen 19.69 Very Low

Worries attacked 20.14 Low

Worries being insulted 19.19 Very Low

Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin or religion 18.18 Very Low

Problem people using or dealing drugs 25.00 Low

Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 23.21 Low

Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 17.41 Very Low

Problem corruption and bribery 23.39 Low

Safety in Georgia

Safety walking alone during daylight 90.88 Very High

Safety walking alone during night 78.21 High

Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Austria, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong are ahead of Georgia in the list of top 10 safest countries.

As for the neighboring states of Georgia, in terms of safety, Ukraine is ranked 85, Turkey 55, Russia 67, Azerbaijan 18 and Armenia 19.

In terms of the crime index, the top five most dangerous countries include Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, South Africa and South Sudan.

The same data shows that the United States takes position 53, the United Kingdom 70, Switzerland 115 and France 67. gathered statistics from a range of sources such as governmental institutions, newspaper articles, websites of supermarkets and taxi companies and other surveys, to generate its results.