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Georgia ready for NATO’s Black Sea security

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 22
“Georgia is ready to be actively involved in the discourse regarding Black Sea security issues and offer concrete proposals to the alliance,” Georgia’s State Minister for European and Euro Integration, Viktor Dolidze, said.

“The security of the Black Sea region was the second issue touched at the meeting at NATO’s office where we discussed the Annual National Program (ANP) fulfilment of Georgia in 2016. Of course, Georgia is ready to be actively involved in the discourse and offers particular proposals,” Dolidze said.

At the Warsaw summit NATO decided to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg outlined on Thursday 16 February how the Alliance will strengthen its air and maritime presence in the Black Sea region.

The Secretary General also said at a press conference that NATO was modernising its Command Structure in response to new security challenges.

“Eight allies have committed to providing brigade staff, and five allies have committed land and air forces for training and air policing.

“Today, we agreed on two additional maritime measures: an increased NATO naval presence in the Black Sea for enhanced training, exercises and situational awareness, and a maritime coordination function for our Standing Naval Forces when operating with other Allied forces in the Black Sea region. And this shows the allies stand together, united and strong,” Stoltenberg said.

Georgia’s active participation in Black Sea security issues is very important for Georgia, especially when the country lacks a navy.

Participation in the process will provide more security for Georgia and will help the country finally reach NATO standards.