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Azerbaijan - important market for Russia’s KAMAZ

Tuesday, March 7
Azerbaijan is a very important market for KAMAZ PJSC, Sergey Kogogin, director general of KAMAZ PJSC, a truck manufacturer based in Tatarstan, Russia, told Trend.

"We are not surprised that the car sale volume slightly decreased in Azerbaijan,” he added. “We have a stable partner in the country. We see that this partner is promoting not only old KAMAZ cars but bought new KAMAZ cars first in Azerbaijan.”

“Azerbaijan is a stable country with a stable political system,” he said. “Accordingly, we are confident that the country’s resources will be enough for the further development.”

Kogogin added that he arrived in Baku to attend the annual conference of official dealers of KAMAZ PJSC, which has been held for the 21st time and for the first time in Baku.

He added that service network has recently changed.

"If the company is being changed as opposed to the dealer network, huge problems occur in product promotion,” he said. “In terms of unstable economy in the world, we put forward tough and high requirements to our dealer network and do everything possible for all dealers to continue to work."

KAMAZ produces a wide range of commercial vehicles – trucks (more than 40 models, over 1,500 configurations, right hand drive vehicles), trailers, buses, tractors, engines and various tools.

KAMAZ PJSC has historically been positioning itself in the 14-40 ton gross vehicle weight (GVW) truck market.