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Mandatory testing of vehicles starts next year

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, May 3
Mandatory testing of all vehicles in Georgia will likely be launched from January 2018. However, initially the vehicles will have to satisfy only some basic factors.

The leader of the parliamentary majority Georgian Dream (GD), Archil Talakvadze, says that these will be factors which are at least necessary to ensure that the lives of drivers, as well as those of passengers and infants, are not in danger.

“We unanimously backed the reforms of the Interior Ministry, which envisages tightening road regulations,” Talakvadze said.

He added that the state should also regulate driving schools.

“We have to introduce a single standard that all driving schools must meet,” he noted.

Talakvadze says that road infrastructure should also be regulated.

“The road infrastructure should be in line with standards and the risks of accidents should not come from here,” he said.

The leader of the majority also spoke about the problem of public transport and noted that much work is needed to regulate this filed.

Talakvadze said that Georgia has undertaken an obligation to introduce mandatory technical testing of vehicles.

“In Europe, more than 100 technical factors are checked while testing cars, but we are not yet ready to check all the factors because most of the cars will not be able to undergo the testing, so at the first stage we think that it is more reasonable to control only some basic factors,” he explained.

Talakvadze believes that initially there will be only six factors that vehicles should comply with, namely bumpers, brake system, tires, seatbelts, lighting systems and exhausts.

By the end of 2017, the infrastructure necessary for the periodic technical inspection of the vehicles will be arranged in every region.

Georgia’s Interior Ministry hopes that this step will reduce the increased number of cars in Georgia.

The Ministry stated last year that 30 million USD will be invested in this project, which will also create new jobs.

Around 1000 specialists will be trained and employed in the venture.