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Friday, May 5
Georgia’s rugby captain leaves national team

Georgian rugby player Mamuka Gorgodze has decided to leave the National Team, which he captained in the last 10 games. According to the Rugby Federation, Gorgodze has made this decision after a year of thinking.

According to Gorgodze, he will play his last match in the Georgian national team and afterwards will say goodbye to the team.

He says his age became the reason for making such a decision.

Mamuka Gorgodze is 33 years old.

Gorgodze started playing rugby in 2000, when he was 16 years old. In 2012-2013 he was named the best players of top 14 and Heineken Cup.

Gorgodze has conducted 69 matches in total as a member of Georgia’s national rugby team. 11 matches were held when he was the captain. In 2011 Gorgodze became the best sportsman of Georgia. (IPN)

Giorgi Mghebrishvili opened the annual international conference of the Association of European Police Colleges in the MIA Academy

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Mghebrishvili opened the annual conference “Future of Migration – Challenges and Responses” of the Association of European Police Colleges in the MIA Academy. The opening of the conference was attended by AEPC President Norbert Leitner, Rector of the MIA Academy Givi Mikanadze and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Vakhtang Makharoblishvili. “The development of international police cooperation, as well as working out joint approaches and strategies with partner countries is of great significance for fighting against global challenges in order to provide an effective fight against crime. Close cooperation between educational institutions and sharing experience is one of the ways to fulfill this task that helps us to train competent professional police officers. The highly trained and educated police officer is always one step ahead of the criminal. The strengthening of the Academy’s capabilities, as well as promotion of high and western standards of police education is a priority for me. We want the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to become a regional education center that will contribute to raise standards of police education in Georgia and throughout the region. Also, it will enhance cooperation, stability, security and development in the field of law enforcement between the regional countries,” said Giorgi Mghebrishvili. The representatives of the training centers and academies of law enforcement structures from 17 countries, as well as various international organizations including the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, will participate in the AEPC’s conference this year. They will discuss the successful practice of different European countries concerning migration in connection of police training. The conference aims to develop international cooperation between training centers and academies of law enforcement structures of partner countries and share experience, as well as develop common approach and strategy to increase the effectiveness of fighting against crime. Within the framework of the conference, a meeting of the Board of the Association for European Police Colleges is to be held. The Board will announce the results of the vote concerning the elections of the MIA Academy of Georgia as a permanent executive member of the Association. In parallel to the event, the rector of the MIA Academy and the rector of Estonian Academy of Security Sciences signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The document will contribute to enhance close cooperation between the MIA Academy and Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, which will facilitate the coordinated activities between the parties, as well as professional development of the students and personnel. The subject of the Memorandum is organizing joint workshops, seminars and educational projects; conducting exchange programs and training visits for the trainees/students, as well as sharing experiences and cooperating for institutional capacity development. (

New Taxi Company Ibery Appears on Georgian Market

Ibery, a new taxi company, has launched operations in Georgia. At the first stage, the company made investments of 6 million USD and offers comfortable services with Haval and Great Wall new vehicles.

“Our objective is to change service standards in this sector and make taxi services more comfortable, safer and faster. To this end the company has invested 6 million USD in business development”, Mariam Toidze, head of the company marketing and PR department, noted.

At this stage the company offers several types of services – economic class, premium class, business class and so-called pickup services, as well as corporate services.

“Our vehicles are equipped with engines with high ecology standards and so give off a minimum of emissions. The company plans to use electric taxis too. We have already launched negotiations and in about 6 months we will introduce our electric taxis,” Mariam Toidze said.

Currently, the company fleet consists of 200 new vehicles. (

Georgia Is a Very Important Partner of US

"The US congresspersons' recent letter in support of our country clearly demonstrates that Georgia is an important partner of the US. This has been the case over the past 25 years, and I certainly hope that in the next 25 years, we will further cement our partnership as a guarantee of Georgia's development into a stable democratic country," the Prime Minister of Georgia said while commenting on a letter of support for Georgia from US congresspersons to US President Donald Trump.

Giorgi Kvirikashvili is convinced that President Trump shares the stance and determination of the American congresspersons.

"Importantly, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our diplomatic relations, and boost our partnership, thirty American congresspersons, members of the House of Representatives, addressed US President Donald Trump with a letter in support of Georgia. This address emphasizes the importance of our partnership and the great achievements in building democratic institutions and ensuring economic growth. It also points out that Georgia, despite facing occupation-related problems, remains a staunch supporter of antiterrorism measures and operations. The letter reflects support for initiating free trade agreement negotiations, which is commendable indeed. Lately, the US Congress has adopted several important resolutions, such as those supporting our territorial integrity and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. All this testifies that Georgia is a very important partner of the United States. I am convinced that the Senate seconds this attitude, and there is no doubt that the same is true of US President Donald Trump," the Prime Minister stated at today's Government meeting. (Prime Minister's Press Office)