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Ushguli village in focus of Wall Street Journal and National Geographic

Tuesday, May 9
Stunning scenery, iconic landmarks and unique traditions of the Georgian village of Ushguli, a UNESCO heritage site in the mountainous Svaneti region, are being featured in the Wall Street Journal and National Geographic.

Journalists from both world famous media outlets will prepare a short film and article about the beautiful Ushguli village, which also will tell the story of local people’s everyday life.

The Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA) invited a press tour from Great Britain to entice more international visitors to the historic Caucasian nation.

A short film and an article about Ushguli will be published on the websites and social media pages of the Wall Street Journal, National Geographic and Star Airlines.

Georgia started active marketing campaigns in March in a bid to attract more tourists.

Between March 25 – June 30, the GNTA will launch special online campaigns and TV advertisements in order to promote Georgia in 14 countries.