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Rustavi 2 TV owners call on resigned Director to retake post

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, June 13
The owners of the majority of shares of Georgia’s major opposition-minded TV station, Rustavi 2, Levan and GiaKaramanishvili, call on former Director General of the broadcaster, NikaGvaramia, to retake his post and help the channel solve its current problems.

The owners have released a statement in which they deny information that Gvaramia was dismissed by them. They claim that the ex-director made the decision to leave the post several weeks ago.

The Karamanishvili brothers say that Gvaramia announced his decision at a special meeting with co-workers and the owners of the TV company.

“Taking into consideration that the general director of the company has not officially made a statement about his resignation, he can retake his rights and obligations at the TV company from tomorrow. Nika Gvaramia has contributed greatly to the fight for freedom of democracy and freedom of expression in Georgia,” the Karamanishvilis stated, adding that Gvaramia’s role in the protection of Rustavi2 is priceless.

The statement also reads that several weeks ago, the owners and Gvaramia elaborated on a joint plan which aims at solving the existing financial crisis within the company.

“It is necessary to implement this plan by optimizing and controlling management expenses in order to renew the issue of salaries and fulfill the company's obligations," says the Karamanishvilis’ statement.

Nika Gvaramia left his post at Rustavi 2 on June 9. He has not made any official statement about his resignation, but Georgian news outlets report that the current financial problems of the TV Company led to his resignation.

Gvaramia had been the Director General of Rustavi 2 since November 2012. Before that he served as the Minister of Science and Education and as the Justice Minister. He was also Deputy Prosecutor General in 2007.

Rustavi 2 is one of the most popular channels in Georgia, which played an important role in the Rose Revolution of 2003, which ended Eduard Shevardnadze’s leadership.