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Children to summer camps

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, June 28
Georgia’s Minister of Education and Vice Prime Minister, Aleksandre Jejelava, has announced that the Government of Georgia will cover all camp expenses for 11,000 pupils from small schools around Georgia.

The Minister said the pupils will have a chance to spend a week in summer camps and raise awareness in several directions, together with a variety of camp entertainments.

“We have an eco-camp, a joint camp with the Ministry of Defence, and activities with vocational institutions. We will ensure free transportation and food for the children,” the Minister stated.

Jejelava said that 4,000 pupils were sent to summer camps last year, and stressed that the Ministry planned to send more than 11,000 pupils to summer camps this year.

The fact that the Government of Georgia sends increasing numbers of pupils to camps is a positive step, as summer camps can be a good place for children to enjoy new experiences.

However, the Ministry has decreased the length of the camps, and one week is not really enough time for children to settle in, enjoy themselves and make new friends.

Camp life and interesting days often only really start after a week.

The camps' duration should be no less than two weeks, as the time is essential for getting experience and knowledge, and to have a good, active rest.

It would be better if the Ministry rechecked its decision over the one-week camp time.