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Top performance on the top

Wednesday, June 28
The small aerodrome in Natakhtari, around 20 km from Tbilisi hosted on June 24 first ever Air Show in Georgia organized by Air Company ServiceAir and Travel Agency Vanilla Sky “FLY FEST GEORGIA”.

The show was unforgettable, public presented at the gathering and living around area, witnessed fantastic entertainment accumulating plenty of adrenalin while performing incredible skills and six jet planes through around the sky and drawing on the sky different figures such as crown, waterfall, heart and so on.

The most difficult figures were shown to public with such and ease as if it was not 600 km/hour speed. The professional skills of the participants of the show was so impressive that public watched it with mouths open and thrilling feelings of how these pilots managed to perform such high aerobatics.

The initiator of this incredible performance was businessman Amiran Manjavidze, owner of the aerodrome and Travel Agency Vanilla Sky.

The Messenger interviewed several spectators, their impression was unanimous.

The main actors of the show were pilots of the Baltic Bees jet team:
1. Artyom Soloduha (Maverick) - Team Leader; Favourite maneuver-Crazy Bee;
2. Igor Yudkin (Major) - Left Wing Man; Favourite maneuver - Bees heart
3. Anatoly Perekriostov (Maestro) - Right Wing Man; Favourite maneuver - Bees dig;
4. Aleksandr Zarins (Smoked) - Left Outside Wingman; Favourite maneuver – Crown;
5. Valery Sobolev (Godfather) - Right outside wingman and solo pilot; Favourite maneuver – Bell;
6. Alessandro Scorrano (Giovane) - Slot Pilot.