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Georgian migrants to Israel decreased

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, July 11
The Consul of Georgia in Israel, Aleksandre Jishkariani, says that the number of people illegally arriving in Israel from Georgia has decreased, and accordingly, the rate of refusal to enter Israel has been reduced as well.

The Consul says that the decrease in Georgian migrants is related to the fact that Georgia was put on the list of safe countries.

“The situation was very difficult at the beginning of the year. There was a lot of information in the press that many people were seeking asylum in Israel. However, the situation has improved after Georgia was put on the list of safe countries,” he stated.

Jishkariani says that Israel launched a visa-free regime for Georgia in 2014, which caused illegal migration problems.

“However, since Georgia was put on the list of safe countries, people requiring political asylum are automatically restricted the right of employment; moreover, a warning is sent to all organizations and institutions that they will be fined if they employ illegal immigrants,” he explained.

He added that while most Georgian citizens obey the Israeli Immigration Service's orders, others do not take into account the request to leave the country and such people are usually detained and forcibly deported to Georgia.

“Now no Georgian go and ask for political asylum in Israel, while at the beginning of the year, 400-450 announcements per month used to be submitted by Georgian citizens,” Jishkariani noted.

Moreover, under the decision of the Israeli Interior Ministry, a new regulation took effect on April 17, concerning the recognition of Georgia as a ‘safe country’.

Under the regulation, Georgian asylum seekers’ applications are discussed in an accelerated manner.

Georgia’s Foreign Ministry said that the necessity of the new regulation was caused by the fact that citizens of Georgia, after being denied asylum in Israel and after the request to leave the state in seven days, illegally stayed in the country.

The fact that Georgia is recognized by Israel as a safe country means that all Georgians will be denied asylum in Israel.