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Georgian citizen goes missing in Iceland waterfall

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, July 25
Iceland police have been searching for a 22-year-old Georgian Nika Begadze who allegedly fell into the Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland.

"The Georgian Embassy contacted Iceland’s Search and Rescue Activities Association and was notified that Begadze, born in Rustavi, entered the waterfall on July 19, after which he went missing.

“According to them, there is no hope to find him alive, but the search continues," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

Icelandic media reports that Begadze lived in Iceland.

His car was found in a park near the waterfall. The police are investigating the case as an accident.

Law enforcers have asked people to provide information if anyone saw the man at the scene.

Police say conditions are very difficult, as the waterfall is strong and cold.

They say the young man has very low chances of surviving in the waterfall.

"It may take months and years to find traces of a human trapped in the waterfall," the police said.

Friends of the lost Georgian in Iceland say the camera installed in a café near the waterfall shows how Begadze approaches the waterfall, but the footage does not show him returning.

Many friends of Begadze are involved in searching activities.

The missing man’s relatives announced that Begadze's friends rented about 40 cars and are searching for their friend together with rescuers.

A tent, food and a broken phone was found in Nika Begadze's car near the waterfall.

Gullfoss is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. The total height of the waterfall is 32m.

Neighbours say the young man went to Iceland in May last year.