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Violations in Ministry of Sport

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, July 26
The State Audit Office (SAO) of Georgia says that salaries have been doubled in the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia.

The report of SAO 2016 reads that the average salary of persons employed in the State Football Fund amounted to 3,000 GEL last year, while the current legislation says it should not exceed 1,500 GEL.

The report also reads that the salary of the Fund Director in 2016 was 6,250 GEL, while it should not exceed 2,950 GEL.

The SAO says that according to the order of the Minister Tariel Khechikashvili, from January 1 2016 the monthly supplement was imposed on 23 employees, in order to maintain qualified personnel in the Ministry and taking into account the most responsible function of the Ministry employees.

Furthermore, the Audit Service revealed that the funds spent by Children and Youth Development Fund of Georgia employees during assignments were excessively compensated by the Sport Ministry.

The SAO report reads that in case of official invitations abroad, the expenses were covered by the organizing side, however, the ministry still compensated the funds to its employees.

The opposition criticized the government for these violations in the Sport Ministry.

Parliamentary opposition parties, namely the United National Movement (UNM) and European Georgia, claim the funds allocated for the ministry from the state budget, are spent on the political purposes of the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party.

“The Minister of Sport himself is engaged in corrupt and illegal deals, and this ministry has turned into a shelter for GD supporters,” Irma Nadirashvili from European Georgia stressed.

The UNM claims that the developments in the country prove that the ruling party is interested only in its own well-being.

“We see how the high-rank officials use state funds for their well-being and financial interests,” UNM member Akaki Minashvili said.

The State Audit office is the supreme audit institution, responsible for performing audit. The general activities of the SAO are promoting efficient and effective public spending, the protection of national wealth, and the protection of property of state of autonomous republics and local (municipal) entities, and the improvement of management of public finances.