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To live in all districts of Tbilisi

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, August 14
Elene Khoshtaria, Tbilisi mayoral candidate of the parliamentary minority Movement for Freedom-European Georgia, stated that until October local elections she is determined to live in each district of Tbilisi.

Khoshtaria says she made the decision in order to better communicate with the locals and learn about their problems and needs.

She added she was invited by Tbilisi residents to live in their houses during her pre-election campaign.

The first district Khoshtaria decided to live is the suburb of Tbilisi, Gldani. She says it is hard to spend more than two months in different places but she believes it is necessary to live with local residents and learn about their problems.

“5 or 10-minute, even one-hour meetings with the population is not enough to restore confidence that no longer exists towards politicians from people,” she stated.

Khoshtaria suspects her step might be seen as a pre-election PR or populism but she says that communication between the people and politicians is necessary.

The candidate says she starts meetings with the locals since early mornings. She has also visited trading centers, shops, bakeries and markets in Gldani.

She says that if she wins the elections she will arrange the recreational space at the White Lake in Gldani.

“We plan … plant trees in order to create more recreational spaces in Gldani District and in Tbilisi, in general,” she added.

The next district where Khoshtaria will live is Sanzona where most Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) reside.

Local elections are to be held in late October, 2017.