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Fires and prevention

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 23
Georgia has been fighting wildfires for several days.

The situation has become so complicated that neighboring countries have sent their own rescue helicopters to help.

Government officials have so far refrained from stating how the situation may develop.

An investigation is in progress in order to reveal the reason behind the mass fire in Borjomi forest.

This may be a deliberate action or negligence which has led to fatal consequences.

A man from Borjomi told The Messenger that some people deliberately start fires in order to hide their illegal lumberjack activities.

Negligence can also be a reason, as many people ignore risks and think little about the consequences of their actions and how they can damage Georgia’s natural environment.

Even abandoned glass in a forest can provoke fires when it is very hot.

In such situations, in the periods when the risk of fire is high, the government has a big responsibility to take preventive measures.

They must provide additional staff in forests for them to react in time when there are risks of fires breaking out.

The government must also complicate letting people enter at-risk forests when it is too hot.

In countries like Georgia, when people’s responsibility to the nature-related and ecology issues is not as it should be, taking preventive measures is of the utmost importance.

It is very regrettable that Georgia’s treasure, its natural resources, has become a victim of either negligence or a deliberate crime.

In both cases, action by the government must be taken.