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Where is the highest rate of dust in Tbilisi’s air?

By Messenger Staff
Friday, September 29
Head of National Environment Agency Tamar Bagratia says that the highest rate of dust in air was reported on Tsereteli Avenue, in the Didube District in Tbilisi.

She claims that the reason is technically malfunctioning vehicles.

The agency head claims that the lead content in air is in within a normal range in the capital city.

“We have 4 automatic stations in Tbilisi and they measure the situation in the air day and night. The possibility of an error is zero,” Bagratia stated.

The stations are on the Tsereteli Ave, in Vashlidjvari, in the Varketili district and on Kazbegi Avenue.

This means that there is no exact information as to what the situation in other districts of Tbilisi is.

There are streets and roads in the capital city which are more overcrowded than the above mentioned four locations.

It is not hard to see that there is high pollution in Tbilisi, as one will definitely feel this when walking or using public transport.

If there were several other stations in the capital city, which needs the support of donors, they would show an exact and undesirable picture in terms of the pollution in the capital.

Settling the pollution problem which is of highest importance due to its influence on the human health requires a right, a searched-based, professionally-elaborated police and an action plan to effectively enforce planned changes.

Such a policy must end chaotic construction projects in the capital, support more green areas and encourage the use of vehicles which cause less harm to the environment.

Unfortunately, up to now no genuine steps have been taken to ensure a healthier Tbilisi.