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LA MIA GEORGIA hosted at Italian Cultural Center in Tbilisi

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, October 25
The photo exhibition LA MIA GEORGIA was opened in Italian Cultural Center at Ilia State University on October 23. The exhibition included the elements of Georgian culture and traditions.

The event was organized and hosted by the Italian Cultural Center in Tbilisi, with support of the Italian Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgian Embassy in Rome, Ilia State University and Georgia For Friends and their representatives Claudio Cerrai and Tamila Gvelesiani.

The event was attended by Antonio Enrico Bartoli, the Italian Ambassador in Tbilisi.

The Ambassador thanked everyone for the contribution, especially Dante Alighieri Society and mentioned that Tbilisi City Hall is considering the placement of Dante Alighieri Statue near the National Gallery, in 9 April Park.

Representatives of Georgia for Friends Claudio Cerrai and Tamila Gvelesiani have both expressed their firm believe that the exchange of dialogues on different cultures helps to create a global culture of peace.

Together with Gvelesiani, Cerrai is the author of a book "Tourism Incoming: basic knowledge about accommodation industry." In Italy, he also works for the divulgation of Georgia's history, culture, art and traditions.

Cerrai and Gvelesiani are the creators and organizers of the festival "From the Black Sea to the Arno." The festival takes place every November since 2013.

In February 2010, Cerrai who was born in Pisa, Italy and is an expert in media events organization, marketing and corporate communications supported development of "" to share Georgia's history, culture, art and traditions.

In an interview with the Messenger, Cerrai stressed the role of young generation as ambassadors of culture, friendship and peace among nations.

Gvelesiani has a ten-year experience in business management. She is a member of the Federation of Business and Professional Women F.I. D.A.P.A BPW Italy. One of the aims of her work is to spread the knowledge of Georgia's history, culture, art and traditions in Italy, she says.