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Book Fair and International Illustrations Festival 2017

By Mariam Chanishvili
Tuesday, November 14
Tbilisi Book Days launched on November 9 this year have lasted for 4 days. The variety of work of literature, print design and photography are presented in Expo Georgia.

The leading local book stores presented their newest editions and design and photographic work by Georgian and foreign artists was exhibited.

The festival has brought together people that share same interests and has been ‘contributing to the education and professional development of young Georgian book artists and illustrators.’

“We want to give young Georgian book artists the opportunity to become more visible and better appreciated nationally and internationally. We believe in their creative potential and want to encourage and support them in their work. A big exhibition of Georgian children’s book illustration will show their work to Georgian public and to Georgian and international publishing professionals,” stated the

Various workshops led by international experts from the publishing and education sector in cooperation with international artists, designers and illustrators have taken place, along with public lectures.

Otar Karalashvili, the representative of Book Art Center Tbilisi, stated that the important component of the program is “networking, informal meetings with colleagues in the evenings during the festival between creative workers, education specialists, curators, state actors, cultural institutions and publishers.”

The Children’s Book, Illustration and Book Art Festival within the framework of Tbilisi Book Days is curated and organized by the Book Art Center Tbilisi. The festival offers an extensive cultural, educational and public program.

The Book Art Center Tbilisi is an NGO founded by young Georgian illustrators and book artists, which aim to promote the development of book illustration, book design and book art in Georgia. Currently, about 20 young illustrators and book designers are working at the studio. The Book Art Center was established with support from the Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection and DVV international.

In 2015, the leading Swiss children’s publisher Nord Süd, Zürich, and the Book Art Center Tbilisi started a joint project aimed to promote young Georgian illustrators and their work. 14 Georgian Illustrators illustrated 21 Georgian fairy tales during a workshop conducted at the Book Art Center by an Austrian artist and illustrator Linda Wolfsgruber. The project was supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Goethe Institute Tbilisi.

Over the recent several years, Georgian artists and photographers have become more and more interested in photo books. In cooperation with Gallery Container, the Book Art Center Tbilisi has presented an exhibition of photobooks by 20 Georgian artists and photographers. Participating artists includes Mariam Amurvelashvili, Andro Eradze, Atu Gelovani, Natela Grigalashvili, Anka Gujabidze and many more.

Countries Presented in Cultural Program include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Ukraine, and Iran.