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Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi Wins World’s Luxury Hotel Award

By Keti Donadze
Friday, December 29
The Business category hotel ‘Hotels & Preference Tbilisi’ was awarded in three different categories at World Luxury Hotel Awards, one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the world Tourism and Hospitability Industry.

The World Luxury Hotel Awards is a recognized global organization providing luxury hotels with recognition for their world class facilities and service excellence provided to guests.

“We are honored to be the winner of the World Luxury Hotel Award. This year we have won three different categories. These include Luxury Wedding Destination, Luxury Business Hotel and Luxury Hotel and Conference Center,” said a general manager of the hotel Peter Lillvik during his interview with Commersant.

Hotel & Preference Hualing Tbilisi belongs to the Chinese investment company Hualing. It is actively hosting business tourists as well as conferences.

It is located near Tbilisi Sea and it is a premium class hotel distinguished with special ecological location, the necessary condition to create calm and pleasant environment.

The Hotel’s modern and European style 246 rooms provide comfortable and perfect rest. Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi offers guests bar-restaurants with European, Asian and Georgian traditional kitchens, a recreation center with the indoor swimming pool, sport centers and a fully equipped conference hall , 800m2 banquet hall and six additional meeting rooms.

Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi is now promising a more comfortable and elegant stay for visitors thanks to the number of projects that are implemented this year.

“The hotel will have a beautiful recreation park, with an artificial lake, a waterfall and two huge amphitheaters, where we will be able to hold open air events. And finally, the biggest casino in Georgia will be open in the premises of our hotel that will add a new contingent to our segment,” said Lillvik during an interview with

Private Corporation “Hualing Group” was founded in China, Urumqi in 1988.

Corporation’s main activities include: shopping centers’ and wholesale stores’ construction; rental and management; foreign trade; hotels’ network construction and management; project development; natural resources, energy and development of animal husbandry projects and charities.

Hualing Group started investment in Georgia in 2007.

Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi was officially opened in October 2016. During this period the hotel has hosted various events, including business meetings, MICE events, luxurious weddings, corporate events, seminars and the Golden Brand Award Ceremony for the first time this year.