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Georgia’s Defense Minister Says Reserve Servicemen Will Receive Salaries

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, December 29
(TBILISI)--Defense Minister of Georgia, Levan Izoria stated that as a result of the specially elaborated concept, which plans to introduce an active military reserve service, the reservists will receive salaries like the regular servicemen.

Izoria made the statement in his interview with Palitranews program 360 Degrees.

The minister believes such an approach will give more motivation to citizens, which will eventually contribute to improving country’s defense capabilities.

As Izoria explained, the reserve service will include three components: armed forces reserve, territorial reserve and specialists’ reserve.

The new concept of military reserve service reads that the sergeants and corporals' category, who have completed at least one contract and expressed a desire to serve in active reserve service, will be enlisted in the armed forces reserve.

The active reserve service concept is fully based on voluntary participation. Georgian citizens from 18 to 55 years, if they meet special requirements, will undergo 45-day training each year as part of the subdivision.

The enlisted servicemen will be able to sign a 5-year contract and afterwards continue work in the territorial defense forces or complete the active reserve service and be enlisted in the military reserve forces.

“The reservists will have an opportunity to receive additional income, in parallel with their primary jobs,” Izoria said.

In case the reserve service concept bill is approved by Parliament, the first pilot recruitment program will be launched in 2018.

Moreover, Izoria added that in order to raise motivation in military service, open lectures will be held at schools by military employees.

He said the awareness in society over their obligation to serve and protect the country is very low, adding such activities will raise awareness and create additional motivation for the youth.

“We will cooperate with Education Ministry and we have already planned to create a joint textbook on military issues for more interaction and motivation,” he said.