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Friday, January 12
Golden Age Georgia’s Queen Tamar in the ’Civilization’ video game

Video game enthusiasts around the world will soon be able to replicate the "Golden Age” of Georgia’s history, as an expansion for legendary strategy game Civilization will be released next month.

Famous Georgian ruler of the 12th century Queen Tamar and other iconic national features of the country will be part of Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, the first official expansion pack for the latest edition of the game, the developers announced on Tuesday.

Tamar will be cast in the game as the leader of playable faction Georgia, which will also come with specific gameplay bonuses and unique units.

“What makes an ideal monarch? Is it someone wise and diplomatic? A forward-thinking patron of the arts or a stalwart defender of the realm? Few live up to that standard, but you can count Tamar – ruler of Georgia at the height of its golden age – among them”, said a preview from the developers for the in-game historical figure.

In the theme of unique unit types for in-game factions, players selecting Georgia as their side will be able to count on warriors from the mountainous Khevsureti province.

“These fierce Georgians dressed in chainmail and carried swords, axes, and small, black bucklers adorned with crosses for nighttime raids [...] This warrior order gets a Combat Strength bonus, but they also suffer no movement penalties on hilly terrain”, notes the teaser.

Players of the Civilization series are also able to build special structures for their faction. Georgia’s featured structure type is the tsikhe, the historical fortresses that overlooked strategic roads and settlements across the country.

While efficient in their military designation earlier on, with the later eras players will also be able to benefit from tsikhe structures as tourist destinations.

Other faction- and leader-specific bonuses will also be part of the experience for players picking Georgia as their in-game nation.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall will feature Georgia among nations including Mongolia, the Netherlands, India and more. More of the playable factions are still to be announced by the developers.

The expansion is developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games, with celebrated game developer Sid Meier serving as director of the developer team.

Among other video game titles, Meier is known for having co-created Sid Meier's Civilization — the first installment of the now-famous strategy series.

The Rise and Fall expansion for Civilization VI will release on the Microsoft Windows platform and feature both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

The expansion pack is scheduled for release on February 8. (

Two inspector-investigators detained for abuse of power

Two inspector-investigators have been detained on charges of abuse of power by officers of the Prosecutor’s Office in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

As InterPressNews was informed by the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, the investigation revealed that in the evening of November 12, 2017, R.G. together with friends, entered a shop located on Mayakovsky Street in Rustavi, where he was approached by two inspector-investigators and was asked to leave the place. When R.G. asked for the reason, police officers got irritated and abused him verbally. They demanded R.G. to come with them to a police station. The frightened citizen escaped and he was chased by the police officers, during which, they shot three times and physically abused R.G”, says the Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the agency, the crime is punished by a jail term from 5 to 8 years and suspension from duties for three years. (IPN)