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Turkey Changes Border-Crossing Regulations for Georgians

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, January 12
Turkey has made changes to the regulations of border-crossing for Georgian citizens. The information was posted on the webpage of Turkey’s Consulate in Batumi, Adjara region.

Based on changes, starting from January 1, 2018, crossing of border even for a short-time period will be considered as a one calendar day.

Georgian citizens have the right to stay on the territory of Turkey during 90 days in a 180-day period. After 90 days, Georgian citizens will have to obtain the residence permission.

"The term of stay in Turkey for foreigners with a visa or visa-free regimes shall not exceed 90 days in 180 days under the article 19. In case of a longer stay, the foreigners will have to ask for a residence permit,” the consulate stated.

The statement reads that without a residence permit, staying for 365 days in Turkey will be considered as an illegal action.

“The amendments took effect on January 1 and the rule refers to all checkpoints and customs and applies to all non-Turkish citizens,” the statement reads.

The decision will affect mostly the residents of Georgia’s Adjara region, who cross the border every day to work in Turkey and in the evening return home to Georgia.

They say this decision will leave them without jobs, as under the new regulation, after crossing the border 90 times the foreigners have to apply for a residential permit.

Since 2011, visa-free regime with Turkey enables Georgian citizens stay in Turkey no more than 90 days in a 180-day period. However, up until 2018, one day entry did not use to be recorded in the database.