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Tbilisi Mayor Abolishes Councils and Commissions Formed Under his Predecessor

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, January 16
Within the framework of the reform launched at Tbilisi Mayor’s Office, the advisory bodies, commissions and councils, have been abolished and their responsibilities distributed among the other structural units of the City Hall.

Moreover, Zonal Council, a regulatory council in charge of land zoning and 19 other commissions, created by previous Mayor David Narmania, were abolished.

As a result of the changes, Tbilisi City Hall ecology and greening municipal service will be transformed into a municipal service of environmental protection.

The main directions of the municipal service of environmental protection include the introduction of modern standards of municipal waste management, determination of green landscape policy and proper planning, development of forest management policy, development of green spaces and creation of new recreational zones. The service will also be involved in the construction process of the city.

Moreover, unit of culture has merged with the one of education, sports and youth affairs office, forming a new structure called Culture, Education and Sports Service.

In addition, the Improvement Service has changed its name and has become the Infrastructure Development Service.

Furthermore, Tbilisi Transport Service will have several additional functions. The Transport Service will be responsible for determining and implementing the transport policy, as well as participating in development of urban policies and urban construction processes.

Urban Development Direction of Tbilisi Architecture Service is now an independent structure, called Urban Development Service, which will be responsible for the management of urban processes.

The Architecture Service will only be a service-oriented structure.

As for the Supervision Service, it will react to the violations of the rules of waste management and waste transportation.

The structural changes also envisage creation of a Municipal Services Development Agency, which will unite the services of physical and legal persons.

Also, the Public Communication Agency will unify the PR services of all the structural units of the City Hall that were functioning separately before the changes.

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze says changes in the city management are necessary. He added the reform will reduce bureaucracy too.

“The changes are very important. The reorganization will be completed in the end of February and I do believe after the changes Tbilisi will become the city full of life, as I promised in my pre-election campaign,” the mayor stated.