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Man Injuring Policeman and Security Guards Sentenced to Detention

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, January 18
(TBILISI)--The Court of Appeals ordered detention of a 27-year old man, Tamaz Kvlividze, who wounded one police officer and two security guards of a nightclub Basiani on January 13.

The Appeals Court did not uphold the decision of Tbilisi City Court, made on January 14, to release the suspect in exchange of a GEL 30,000 bail.

The Prosecutor’s Office appealed the decision of the City Court and demanded the use of detention as a preventive measure against the suspect. Tamaz Kvlividze was arrested in the courtroom on January 17.

The lawyer of Kvlividze, Zaza Meskhi says his defendant wounded the victims on basis of self-defence to the club’s security guards attacking him.

“These wounds are not serious and my client did not injure the men deliberately. He was protecting himself from the guards,” Meskhi added.

The Head of the Basiani nightclub told the reporters a different story. According to Zviad Meskhi, who Kvlividze seriously wounded in his head, the situation escalated when the guards refused to let the 27-year old drunk man enter the club.

“We told him to leave the club but he did not obey and became violent. We had to call the police, which irritated him even more. Kvlividze wounded me in my head and injured the police officer and my college too,” the man told Rustavi 2 TV.

According to Zviad Meskhi, the condition of the second wounded security guard was much more serious.

"He was almost hit in the heart. He was nearly killed," said the head of the security.

The wounded police officer, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) reports, is Tamaz Saveliev, the Deputy Head of the 4th Unit of Didube-Chughureti Division, who protected the people at the risk.

The MIA added his health condition is satisfactory, adding the officer will be awarded the medal for bravery.

“We will react to all the facts of violence, regardless of who is the accused person. Every person is equally responsible before the law. The MIA will not allow impunity of any individual attacking the policemen. The dignity and uniform of the policemen will be uncompromisingly protected,” Deputy Interior Minister Natia Mezvrishvili stated.

Giorgi Gakharia, Georgia’s Interior Minister, also commented on the case, saying the ministry will have a strict response when it comes to the safety and security of law enforcers.

“In the country, where the policemen are not protected, no one can guarantee safety of the society. So the strict reaction is very important,” the minister stated.