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Tbilisi Mayor Says Public Transport will Work at Night

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, January 18
(TBILISI)--Public transport will serve Tbilisi residents during night hours too. The statement was made by Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze on Wednesday.

The Mayor said the City Hall is working on the concept of night Tbilisi, adding the document will officially be presented in late February.

Kaladze added that before the concept, the Mayor’s Office will present Transport Strategy, which will include the action plan of public transport development during the following 4 years.

“We will introduce some changes regarding the transport in the capital. Changes will affect taxis too,” Kalaldze said, adding public transport will be available at night only in specific days.

Night Tbilisi Concept was the part of the pre-election campaign of Kakha Kaladze, who stated promotion of nightlife in the capital would make the city full of life and would bring additional income to the state budget.

The mayor also said that active nightlife would create additional jobs for Tbilisi residents.

“Nightlife is not only having fun. It is directly linked with new jobs and development of small and medium businesses. The most important is involvement of youth in this process. We will have a safe nightlife where noisy and quiet zones will be divided from each other,” Kaladze stated during his pre-election campaign in summer 2017.

At present public transport – minibuses, buses and metro- is not available after 12am.