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14 Injured as Metro Ceiling Collapses in Tbilisi

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, January 31
(TBILISI)--Fourteen people have been injured after the newly-renovated ceiling of Varketili Metro Station collapsed in the outskirts of capital Tbilisi, including a police officer who was injured while trying to save others.

The people received either less heavy or severe injuries. Several have been operated because of vascular and other complications inflicted in the process of caving of the ceiling.

Healthcare Minister Davit Sergeenko visited those injured in the morning on January 30.

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze claimed all the people who “dishonestly” did their job in the metro, would face tough punishment.

Rehabilitation-renovation works in Varketili metro were completed five months ago by the Kvarelmsheni LTD.

The Tbilisi Mayor’s Office allocated 347,852 GEL for the works.

The company rehabilitated the Akhmeteli Metro Station as well and the Mayor’s Office has announced the inspection there.

“We will spare no efforts to timely reveal the reasons of the crime and punish all those responsible for the offence,” Kaladze said.

“None of the companies will be tolerated for the action that affects even one citizen,” Kaladze added.

The opposition stated that the Mayor’s Office was also responsible for the incident as the relevant agencies of the body must have checked the quality of works.

Former Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania, who chaired the office when the rehabilitation works were being conducted, stated that all procedures were in line with high standards.

Narmania stated he was waiting for the outcomes of investigation to make a final comment.