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Wine Export and Popularity Growth

By Mariam Chanishvili
Thursday, February 8
LEPL National Wine Agency of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture stated that in January 2018, 5,12 mil. bottles (0,75l) of wine were exported to 24 countries worldwide, which is 18% higher than the similar data from January 2017. In total, 11,4 mil. USD worth of wine has been exported, that is 31% higher than the data of the previous year.

In addition, 1,06 mil bottles (0,5 liters) of brandy and 8,2 thousand bottles of «Chacha» were in January.

“In terms of growth of wine exports, the year has started positively. In general, January is considered as a passive month. More accurate picture will be revealed after the first quarter data is received ,“stated the Chairman of the National Wine Agency, Giorgi Samanishvili.

The growth of popularity of Georgian wine is notable internationally.

The Pataridzes’ Rachuli, exclusive wine made at the Pataridzes’ family wine cellar, is sold in California and New York, the USA. US Blue Danube Wine is negotiating with the Pataridzes’ wine cellar to export 70% of produced wines to the USA.

In several French cities, wine professionals, media and business representatives got to know the Qvevri wine and Georgian wine culture recently. Qvevri wine producers participated in the exhibition of natural wines – “Les Penitentes” in Anzhe and “La Dive Boutteille” in Saumur, supported by the National Wine Agency.

After these exhibitions, Georgian wine tasting will be held in specialized wine stores and bars in Nantes, Rennes and Lorraine. In 2017, 100 thousand bottles of wine were imported from Georgia to France.

National Wine Agency has launched an electronic certification system in order to improve the quality control system.

“Government and private sector agree that low-quality wines must not be produced in Georgia,” stated Samanishvili.

The main goals of National Wine Agency of Georgia are to popularize and raise awareness of Georgian wine, to create a vineyard register, to restore unique and rare Georgian grape varieties, to support the development of wine tourism and promote the growth of export potential.