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Thursday, February 15
300 doctors out of 305 confirmed to have committed misdemeanors

The Medical Regulation Agency of the Ministry of Labor Health and Social Affairs stated that professional responsibility of 300 doctors was checked last year.

“207 doctors were given written warnings and 93 medical certificates were suspended during the different periods of time,” the Health Ministry reported.

The Medical Regulation Agency writes that based on the order of the head of the Agency, the studies of the quality of medical care provided to patients have started for 170 different cases.

“The Professional Development Council reviewed 305 cases: 2 doctors have not been imposed professional responsibility; 3 case discussions have been postponed. Professional responsibilities were imposed on 300 doctors. 207 were given a written warning,” stated the Agency.

Corrections Ministry says one of the prisoners presumably attempted suicide

Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia has released a statement about the wounded prisoner at the Gldani prison #8.

"The prison administration immediately provided a medical assistance to the prisoner, after which he was transferred to the civil sector clinic. The health condition of the prisoner is serious but stable,” the Ministry wrote.

The ministry has already launched an investigation under the article which envisages bringing a person to suicide.

Prisoner's lawyer, Archil Chopikashvili, doubts the versions of suicide attempt. He addressed the Ministry Of Labor Health And Social Affairs to take all necessary measures to save the “victim's life”.

The injured was charged for premeditated murder and was serving his sentence.
(Prepared by Mariam Chanishvili)