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Migrant’s First Steps – informative meetings underway in regions

Tuesday, March 6
Informative meetings have been held with the local population of 10 villages (Tkviavi, Mejvriskhevi, Koda, Manglisi, Sartichala, Kachreti, Ruisi, Gomi, Berdzenauli and Shorapani) in four regions of Georgia within the project - Partnership for Migrant’s Rights (G-PMR) during the last month.

The meetings aimed at informing the local population about migration issues. The migrant who has returned to the homeland also accompanied the representatives of CiDA, shared personal experience with the participants and answered their questions.

The project staff presented the Migrant’s First Steps – a manual that was prepared in cooperation with the State Commission on Migration. The handbook consists of practical information and recommendations for everyday life related to housing, employment, risk of the labour exploitation, food, taxes, medical care and pharmacies, transport, banking and money transfer, postal services, consumer rights, freedom and security, reintegration of the returning migrants.

The participants of the meeting were mainly interested in the visa-free travel opportunities, the rules for defining the expiration of visa-free stay, as well as the ways of finding jobs and accommodation in the European states.

The project is implemented with financial support of the Open Society Foundations.