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Interior Ministry Launches New Payment System for Video Fines

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, March 8
(TBILISI)--The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has launched publishing of video fines on its official webpage in order to ensure timely payment.

After publishing the fine check on the www.police/ge the fine is considered as submitted and in the case of avoiding payment, the fine will increase.

Up to now, if a driver or someone from the family of a person, who violated traffic rules did not sign a document that he/she received the fine check, the driver had a right not to pay the fine.

Now the Ministry says it is increasing the grace period for video fines from six months to one year.

The post office will be obliged to bring the penalty check only once and not twice, which was a previous practice.

After the expiration of the grace period, if no one from the family submits the check delivered by the post office representative, the Ministry will upload the penalty check on its webpage; after it expires by 30 days, it would be considered as automatically submitted.

The automatic submission means that a driver will have to pay the fine, as otherwise the fine will increase and finally he/she may have to pay double cost of the fine or even more.

The Ministry also announced that the cost of a fine for traffic violations, detected by special cameras, would decrease by 20 percent if a driver pays the fine within 10 calendar days.

The Ministry claims the model is used in many developed countries and is one of the most effective measures to ensure the timely payment of fines.