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Thursday, March 8
Mountainous Adjara offers three new tourist routes

Tourism Products Development Agency of Adjara has announced that the region will have three new routes for tourists beginning this year.

New routes, which will be marked for tourists, will be Chirukhi-Khikhani-Goderdzi route, Goderdzi-Green Lake - Black Lake-Danisparakuli route and Khulo-Tago-Skhalta route.

The routes will have family-guests houses, shelters and catering facilities.

Individual tourist maps will also be prepared and tourists will be able to receive information at tourism information centers.

“We are actively working so that the guests of Adjara region can access diverse mountain tourism products. We plan to develop existing tourism routes and creating new ones,” said Tinatin Zoidze, the head of the Tourism Products Development Agency of Ajara.

Saakashvili: “Revolution would be inevitable if I were imprisoned in Georgia”

The Georgian third President Mikheil Saakashvili stated in his interview with the foreign media that his extradition and imprisonment in Georgia would cause a new revolution.

“The revolution would be inevitable,” Saakashvili told the Medusa media outlet.

Saakashvili stated that he was the only governor of Ukraine who initiated cardinal reforms, but failed due to the lack of necessary power and budget.

“This is practically a formal position. Nevertheless, we have created the first Citizen Service Centre, which is far behind the analogues in Georgia. Centre worked well for several months and still does, but it lost positions. We brought totally new people to work in customs of Odessa and built new terminal, which wouldn’t be corrupt and would work efficiently. We have almost completed our construction and most importantly we found young people who would work there, but eventually Poroshenko personally blocked this initiative,” noted Saakashvili.

According to the former governor of Odessa, he had no connection with the Odessa City hall, as it is full of bandits.

“I said that if the Ukraine’s government would extradite me and put me in jail there would have been a revolution in Georgia, that is why the Georgian authorities did not allow Poroshenko to send me to my country,” Saakashvili added.

Saakashvili claimed that Ukraine plans to arrange a march where 100,000 people will go out in the streets and after several rallies of such kind, the number of demonstrators will reach a million.
(Prepared by Mariam Chanishvili)